5 Page loading interactions that make waiting for (almost) fun

Loaders not only keeps the user engaged while the content is loading but also at the same time brings in the transparency and keeps the user updated about what is going on.

1. Page-level loader

Page loader screen

When users log into and wait for their dashboard to load, loading pages will always make you chuckle or give you something to ponder.

Page loader

The skeleton screen

the gray bars that indicate where content will show up—is another nice touch. Seeing the screen pre-populate with placeholders is a great way to build momentum for users (it also gives the impression that the page is loading faster than it truly is).

Skeleton Loader
Page Level Loader2

Raman will come on while gathering big datas (long duration)

Over here information comes according relevant data

2. Widget level loader for dashboards

Widget loader

Widget loader comes on while gathering big data for graphs (Pie chart, Bar, Histogram, line graph) (short duration)

Widget1 Loader

3. Line level loader – data

Line level loader

Line level loader comes on while gathering small data information (card level)

Card Level

4. Process-driven loader

Process-driven loader— to show the process of campaign publishing

Publishing campaign process